Mixed Media March Minis Zine

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Welcome to Mixed Media March Minis!

I’ve got 31 mini challenges for you.

What is Mixed Media March Minis about?

As I was looking at my daily “to do” list, I noticed a little section that constantly appears jotted in a corner, or sometimes on post-it notes, or in the margins of other writings…

The theme was clear.

“LEARN ABOUT __________”



“WHAT IF ________ ?”

So, I decided to create a new daily challenge, for you, and for me. My new version of “March Madness” is about trying, learning, experimenting, and imagining.

This full-color Zine offers 31 prompts or mini challenges. Each day, pick one for inspiration or a new technique to play with. 

Visit www.playonwordsdesign.com for more information on participating in the challenge.

The challenge and the Zine are FREE if you enter $0 in the payment field :) 

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Mixed Media March Minis Zine

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